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50% to artist, 30% to your favorite nonprofit, 20% to Generous Art

Generous Art empowers visual artists and sustains communities.

Generous Art produces dynamic exhibitions, opportunities for philanthropy, professional development, and creativity programming for artists, individuals, nonprofits, and businesses.

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Deirdre MurphyWells Mason

Melanie HickersonVirginia Fleck

Deirdre Murphy
Work: Sky Paintings (top left)
Location: Philadelphia International Airport- between Terminal C & D
Duration: Through March 2016

Wells Mason
Work: Wells Mason: Designer, Sculptor, Collaborator (top right)
Location: Texas A&M College of Architecture’s Wright Gallery (located on the second floor of Building A in the Langford Architecture Center)
Duration: January 14th - Febuary 11th
Reception: January 27th, 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Melanie Hickerson
Work: Kids at Play (bottom left)
Location: Mill and Leaf- 1000 Research Blvd., Ste. 103, Austin TX 78759
Reception: February 8th, 2:30 - 4:30 PM
(February 15th and February 28th, 3 PM, Artist will be on site)

Virginia Fleck
Work: Enchanted Vine (bottom right)
Location: Pediatric Floor in the Sky Tower at University Hospital, San Antonio, TX
Duration: Permanent


Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 5:04 PM
Austin, TX

Austin's Creative Capacity Survey

The Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department invites all Austinites who pursue a creative activity with the intent of earning income and all arts and cultural organizations to complete a brief survey.

  • The purpose of the survey is to identify the service needs of individual creatives and cultural organizations, investigate available resources, identify gaps, and generate recommendations for the effective development of the creative capacity of arts and culture organizations and individual creatives in the Austin area.
  • The objective of this study is to generate insights that can reliably inform any nonprofit service providers and further strengthen Austin's creative community.
  • Once the analysis of the survey data has been completed, the findings will be presented at a public meeting tentatively scheduled for May 2015.
  • The Final Report will be released in July 2015 coinciding with a public presentation of the survey findings, gap analysis of the offerings provided by nonprofit service providers, and a set of recommendations for strengthening Austin's creative capacity.

Survey takers can check the results in real time by viewing the Building Austin's Creative Capacity Dashboard online, which will display a snapshot of how people are answering key questions.
Your responses to the survey will be anonymous and confidential. If you would like to receive notifications when the survey results are available, there will be a place to provide your contact information at the end of the survey.

Link to survey
Link to more information

Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 5:01 PM
Austin, TX

Art as a way to fuel your career

Stacey RudnickArt as a way to fuel your career:

How artists of all types can think more broadly about the practical application of their creative skills

As a Director of Career Management for over a decade running the career centers for MBAs at two top-tier business schools, Stacey Rudnick offers insights on the transferable skills of creatives in the workplace and how they can apply their unique skills to career transition and exploration.

So many people who graduate with a liberal arts degree or come from a creative/design background can end up disenfranchised from the world of commerce.  The business ecosystem is often unkind to, or worse, dismissive of artists of all types preferring to screen resumes on Read More...

Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 3:55 PM
Austin, TX

The Daily Texan: Generous Art

The Daily Texan LogoIn 1999, Chenoweth graduated from UT with a Master of Fine Arts in Painting and worked as an artist in galleries for several years before creating her online gallery, Generous Art, in 2011.

“Be Generous. Buy Art,” is the slogan for the nonprofit, which was established as an online gallery. When individuals purchase art through the site, artists receive 50 percent of the income and another 30 percent goes towards a nonprofit of the buyer’s choice. Chenoweth built this gallery model after spending years in the traditional gallery industry, where, she said, most of the profits went to galleries instead of artists.

“I realized how totally broken all of the models were out in the art world,” Chenoweth said. “I’m pretty good at doing business. You show up, say what you’re going to do and fill a need, do a good job and get paid. The art world just doesn’t work like that.”

Read the whole interview here.

Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 4:51 PM
Austin, TX

Capital Factory Poster

RSVP and TICKETS, space is limited

Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 8:30 AM
Austin, TX

Curator: Jaime Salvador Castillo

Jaime Salvador CastilloJaime Salvador Castillo is an independent curator, graphic artist and the current Chair for the City of Austin's Art in Public Places Panel. Jaime's experience includes receiving his Studio Art BFA in 2005 from UT-Austin. He was the portfolio advisor for Young Artists @ Arthouse and was a contributing arts writer for The Austin Chronicle.

Jaime is Generous Art's Curatorial Board Chair. He helps the Curatorial Board review artists' submissions to Generous Art. This month, Jaime selected the artworks and set the show at Capital Factory for Beautiful Giving, so you will see his eye and mind at work with this exhibit.

Jaime's current projects include "Eyes Got It" an open call art competition offering critical reviews & exhibitions opportunities, and an upcoming exhibition at the Mexican-American Cultural Center as part of the Los Outsiders Art Collective.

Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 8:40 AM
Austin, TX